Frequently Asked Questions

I have problems with Biomedicals Shop. Where can I get help?

You will always reach our customer service persons via e-mail We serve you in English and in Finnish.

What is the company behind Biomedicals Shop?

UPM leads the integration of bio and forest industries into a new, sustainable and innovation-driven future. For more information about UPM, please visit

Biomedicals Shop belongs to UPM Corporation, UPM-Kymmene Seven Seas Oy (Finland, VAT FI01345780)

I’m a university student. Can I order products from Biomedicals Shop?

Biomedicals Shop is for B2B business only. This means that we sell only to companies, universities and research institutes, and unfortunately we do not sell to private persons like students.

I do not have VAT number. What shall I do?

VAT-number is needed for companies located in EU. If you are located outside EU, please give your business identity number or tax code. If you are located in EU and you are purchasing for a company that does not have VAT number, please contact 

I need additional information so that I can create UPM Biomedicals as a supplier to our company. How do I get that information?

Send an e-mail to and ask for the additional information. Our customer service will provide you information you need.

How can I pay my purchases? 

When you place the order, you can choose between credit card payment (preferred method)  and invoice.
If you choose credit card payment, you will be directed to the credit card payment service, which is located in Finland (you need to be allowed to use your credit card in Finland). We will send you a receipt of your credit card payment after we have shipped your products to you.
If you choose invoice, we will send you an invoice with payment information. Invoices need to paid to Finnish bank account with bank transfer. We do not accept cheques or cash.
The invoicing company is UPM-Kymmene Seven Seas Oy, VAT FI01345780


I have a purchase order from my company. Can I still order via Biomedicals Shop?

If your purchasing process requires that you send us your purchase order, you can send it to
If you need a purchase order number to be added to your invoice, please send us email to with your order number.

I would like to buy product sizes that are not available at Biomedicals Shop. How do I do it?

Our Biomedical products are available in different package sizes on request. Please contact for quotation.