GrowDex® Hydrogels

Natural ready to use hydrogels are the next generation solution for reproducible and scalable animal-free 3D cell culture applications providing convenience and consistent results.

Our hydrogels are a proven solution for HTS and HCS. They can also be used for various other 3D cell culture applications, such as drug release studies, in vivo tumor models, personalised medicine, and more.

Which GrowDex hydrogel to choose?

GrowDex® Animal free hydrogel for 3D cell culture

With over 150 different assay protocols available GrowDex is our original hydrogel. Highly biocompatible GrowDex has been used widely for the culture of primary cells through to iPS and ES cells.

GrowDex®-T Transparent hydrogel for 3D cell culture

GrowDex-T brings superior imaging quality for phase contrast and brightfield imaging. This hydrogel is completely transparent making imaging and automated analysis easy.

GrowDex®-A Hydrogel for 3D cell culture with functionalization capabilities

If you are looking to customise your hydrogel then GrowDex-A is for you. GrowDex-A has been modified by the addition of an avidin group so you can attach any biotinylated molecule you like.

Which GrowDex hydrogel to choose?

If you are unsure which GrowDex hydrogel best suits your research project check out our product selection guide.

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