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GrowDase enzyme in the volumes of 1.25 ml and 2.5 ml.

GrowDase enzyme breaks down GrowDex® hydrogel to form a solution in an easy one step efficient cell recovery process.

Product information

GrowDase™ is a purified mixture of cellulase enzymes that has been specifically developed to breakdown the nanofibrillar cellulose present in UPM’s GrowDex® hydrogel matrix to soluble glucose.

The process is simple, enzyme is mixed with the sample and incubated at 37°C until the GrowDex has been reduced to non-toxic sugars. Enzymatic removal allows cells to be recovered from the matrix efficiently, retain their 3D structure, e.g. spheroid or organoid in-tact and does not exhibit any adverse effect on cell viability or functionality.

The amount of GrowDase required for cell recovery is dependent on the amount of GrowDex (cellulose) present in the sample. One GrowDase vial (2.5 ml) can degrade 5 ml of GrowDex. Recovery of cells, organoids, or spheroids for downstream processing once a live cell assay has been concluded can be advantageous for many cell-based studies.

Additional data relating to gene or protein expression can be generated or cells used for further experimental work such as in multi-dose studies.

Technical Specifications

• Cellulase enzyme mixture in adequeous sodium acetate buffer solution
• Sterilized
• 10 mg / ml
• pH 5
• Storage temperature: 4-22 °C
• Shipping temperature: Room temperature

Research use only, not to be used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.